The Cognition, Behavior & Evolution Network in the Low Countries

The Cognition, Behavior & Evolution Network (CBEN) unites scholars working in the fields of evolutionary psychology, behavioral ecology, human biology, primatology, and cultural evolution.

The aim of CBEN is to facilitate research and education in relation to the evolution of cognition and behavior. Its basis is in The Netherlands and Belgium but we invite scholars from other countries to join us.


Learning, Evolution, and Games Conference in Lund, Sweden

Learning, Evolution, and Games (LEG2018) will take place in Lund, Sweden, June 4-5 2018.

The conference is intended to bring together researchers who are interested in the evolutionary foundations of economic and social behaviorevolutionary game theory, and learning in games. The organisers welcome submissions from anyone working in these areas, both theoretical and experimental/empirical work. Keynote speakers are:

Daniel Friedman (UC Santa Cruz)
Friederike Mengel (University of Essex)
Arthur Robson (Simon Fraser University)
William Sandholm (University of Wisconsin)
Jörgen Weibull (Stockholm School of Economics)

The deadline for submissions is February 2, 2018. Please see the complete call for papers for further information.

LEG 2018 is organised by the Arne Ryde Foundation.


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