The Cognition, Behavior & Evolution Network in the Low Countries

The Cognition, Behavior & Evolution Network (CBEN) unites scholars working in the fields of evolutionary psychology, behavioral ecology, human biology, primatology, and cultural evolution.

The aim of CBEN is to facilitate research and education in relation to the evolution of cognition and behavior. Its basis is in The Netherlands and Belgium but we invite scholars from other countries to join us.


Upcoming conferences and CBEN news

Mark your calendars: This year’s meeting of the Cognition, Behavior and Evolution Network will be hosted at Tilburg University on November 18-19. Further details on registration and submissions will follow.

The conference of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society (HBES) will take place online between June 24 and July 2, 2021. Submissions for symposia and individual talks are due by April 23.

CBEN is now a member of Brain Cognition Behaviour – The Netherlands (BCB-NL). BCB-NL is an umbrella platform for Dutch associations and networks for research into brain, cognition and behavior.

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