CBEN 2020 Talk Series

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be organizing our annual two-day research meeting this year. Rather than entirely canceling our planned activities, we’ve elected to follow the wisdom of the proverb When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. In this case, the lemons are a pandemic, and the lemonade is a month-long series of talks given by researchers that embody the diversity that CBEN so values. Each of these talks will be on a Friday at 16:00h CET, to provide an energizing start of the weekend.

On November 6th, Aaron Lukaszewski, a personality psychologist from California State University Fullerton will present his work explaining how personality variation – both within and between cultures – might emerge from universal psychological adaptations. On November 13th, Henkjan Honing, Professor of Music Cognition, will present his work on the evolution and function of music. On November 20th, Jaimie Krems, a social psychologist from Oklahoma State University, will present her work on friendship jealousy and intrasexual competition. And, finally, on November 27th, Claudio Tennie, a comparative psychologist from the University of Tübingen will present his work on how great ape cultures come about and how they are maintained.

Attendance is free. We simply ask that you register by providing your name, email address, and affiliation. We will send you the link to the Zoom meeting for these talks as well as any updates about the talk series.